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    This site, managed by Sebastian Guthery, is designed to provide kratom education. The public, governments (local and national), and other organizations have a very poor outlook on the benefits of the leaf.



    Sebastian Guthery is a self-made success, representing a shining example of someone who works hard to achieve his goals in a wide variety of pursuits. Sebastian is a serial entrepreneur and vocal advocate of kratom, a natural herbal remedy native to Southeast Asia. His string of business successes is legendary within the herbal community and has helped give rise to a powerful lobbying organization called the United Kratom Association. Sebastian currently resides in San Diego, California, where he is the President and founder of Kratom-K, a prominent online retailer of kratom products.

    Early Life and Business Ventures

    Sebastian Guthery is originally from Wichita, Kansas. At an early age, he became interested in the business world. Although he has not received any formal business education, Sebastian knew that he wanted to be his own boss and to help others achieve their personal and financial goals. From the age of ten until today, he has established several multi-million dollar business ventures.

    His first significant business began when he was 10. He borrowed $250 from his mother to start a business selling puppies in Wichita in an effort to raise the funds needed to attend summer church camp. His small business grew rapidly, and he greatly exceeded the financial goal he had set for attending the camp. He was hooked on business and eagerly sought out his next venture.

    He is a lifelong animal lover, and his next business idea was to set up a non-profit to help rescue stray dogs. The organization, known as Jen’s Wish, focused on the street dog population of Thailand. Through his efforts, hundreds of dogs found permanent homes, thanks to a large network of adoption centers and welcoming families.

    Next up on his path to success was The Tanning Shack, a business in Augusta, Kansas. The Tanning Shack offers a full array of tanning services to clients, including tanning beds as well as spray- and airbrush-tanning applications. Sebastian also developed a lucrative tanning lotion distribution operation, boasting dozens of salon clients in the Midwest. Sebastian sold his interest in the business in 2011 to focus on his current venture, which began not long after he opened The Tanning Shack in 2003.

    Kratom Retail and Advocacy

    2004 was a busy and productive year in business for Sebastian. In addition to his work building The Tanning Shack, he also established an advertising agency in Wichita called Eleven Eleven Advertising. He developed keen abilities in SEO and digital marketing endeavors, which would benefit him as he launched his own Web-based retail businesses.

    2004 also saw the launch of Kratom-K, a leading online supplier of ethnobotanicals and kratom, the natural plant material refined from the Mitragyna speciosa tree native to Southeast Asia. Related to coffee plants, kratom offers herbal users both stimulant and sedative properties, and has shown promise in treating a number of serious health conditions. In just a few short years, Kratom-K has positioned itself at the top of the kratom retail industry. This is in no small part due to Sebastian’s dedication in providing the highest-quality products to a global clientele. His company goes above and beyond what many other herbal retailers do, continually testing and evaluating imports of kratom in a rigorous quality assurance protocol.

    Encouraged by his success in the kratom retail market, Sebastian knew that the industry needed a powerful advocacy voice. He founded the United Kratom Association (UKA) in an effort to protect the legality and availability of kratom. Faced with proposed restrictions and outright bans by governmental regulatory agencies like the DEA, kratom’s future in the U.S. hung in the balance. Through his dedicated advocacy and partnerships with other like-minded organizations, Sebastian has made a huge difference.

    He continues to seek out new business opportunities while carefully growing his existing ventures. His success and leadership have made him a role model for many other online retailers. With Kratom-K and the UKA, his future looks very bright indeed.

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    The herb called kratom, which thousands of individuals believe offers relief from anxiety, depression, stress, and even pain, has been put into question by the DEA, and was considered a Schedule 1 Drug by some.